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Us of Keyform

The history of our company originates in the territory of Verona, rich in values, traditions and talents.

It was 2005 when Pierluigi Dolci perceived the need of his customers to give shape to the continuous innovative demands of a constantly evolving market.

The versatility of transforming the idea into a concrete project has given rise to Keyform.

Oggi la nostra esperienza e competenza ci permettono di interpretare tutte le esigenze di stile e design secondo i più alti standard richiesti da un mercato in continua evoluzione.

Keyform risponde efficacemente alle continue richieste di clienti attenti  con prodotti nuovi, ingegnerizzati e pronti alla vendita, e con una gestione in grado di far fronte a problemi di tempi, spazi e costi.


“Love for the projects”


In our story is engraved the importance of work, the love for detail, an inexhaustible creative ability and the attitude to always make a difference.

SEDIA PART copia.jpg


PAG 14_PART copia.jpg


“Following perfection in every details”


We know how to build the product taking care of customer requests, advising the most suitable material and with the precision of the great Made in Italy tradition.

Know How

“Flexibility is one of our core qualities”


We adapt to the specific needs of the customer’s project, advising and providing solutions for products or individual components.

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francesco-gallarotti-ruQHpukrN7c-unsplash copia.jpg


“Our design thinking is based on respect for the environment”


Our priority is to create an increasingly eco-sustainable production process, starting from the design of the object and its entire supply chain.

Our Mission

Our commitment consists in the continuous research of customized solutions and the adoption of cutting-edge and suitable technologies that can support the success of the project.


Confidentiality has always distinguished us as a partner, as well as the solutions given to our customers always in an exclusive form and built on the specific requests.

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