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Realizing your idea in all phases is the specialty of Keyform: from the creative and design brief, to the technical drawing, to the economic and productive evaluations. With the confidentiality that is dedicated to large projects.

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Our experience and expertise allow us to interpret all the needs of style and design according to the highest standards: For a single piece or a whole series, with the same mastery. We know how to build the product taking care of the smallest details, recommending the most suitable material and with the precision of the great Made in Italy tradition.

Flexibility is our core quality. We adapt to the specific needs of your project. We provide the complete product or individual components required.


Our design thinking is based on respect for the environment. Choice of materials, production technique, type of packaging and characteristics of transport.

Designing the object in an increasingly sustainable way is the priority of the contemporary production chain, aimed at reducing waste and optimizing resources.


The research of perfection in every detail is the commitment of Keyform to ensure quality control at every stage of the supply chain, as is required by high-end products, advising you to better develop each step, until the final packaging.


From internal protections to external graphics, we study and create for you the right packaging for your product, customizing it according to your specifications.

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Our services

Keyform responds effectively to the continuous requests of attentive customers with new products, engineered and ready for sale, and with a management able to cope with time, space and cost problems.

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Our Projects

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